Uniwersytet Rzeszowski Wersja polska Zakład Dydaktyki Techiniki i Informatyki

Ladies and Gentlemen

The 19th edition of the International Scientific Conference Education - Technology - Information Technology will take place in remote mode on 27/09/2022. Registration of conference participants takes place until 15/07/2022 .

The conference application form can be found in the tab: Entry form or here . It is sufficient to fill in the application form electronically (it is not necessary to send it in a paper version). In the application form, please write the title of your speech in English.

A summary of the speech in English should be sent to the following address: keti@ur.edu.pl. The conference language: Polish, English and others (Croatian, Czech, Deutsch, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Ukrainian ...) with presentation of English.

Articles resulting from the conference should be registered via the journal's website: JOURNAL of EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGY and COMPUTER SCIENCE:

  • 1) we accept texts written only in English
  • 2) We do not charge for this year's publications
  • 3) we increase the volume limit of published texts to 10 pages
  • 4) the editorial rules for the preparation of the article remain unchanged and can be found on the journal's website at: ETI.

Yours faithfully,
Dr hab. Wojciech Walat, prof. UR - chairman of the scientific committee
Dr. Waldemar Lib - scientific secretary